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Welcome to our official webpages. Radio Huruma is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Tanga. For many years the Catholic church has been using different ways to proclaim the word of God to her people. Now days the use of media has been seen as the most usefull way to reach the faithfully especially those who are in the remote areas and it is difficult to be reached every Sunday by the priest. Catholic Diocese of Tanga welcomes all who wish to hear the goodnews. We thank all donors who spended a lot of money on establishing Radio Huruma. We thank also in advance those who donate day and night their money to anable Radio Huruma run, and meet day to day expenditures. Thank you all and God bless you.

Radio Huruma Team

Radio Huruma Team is allways there to serve you with the right program which will bring you near to God and with seculara programs which will entertain you and educate you.

We thank you for your support because without it we can not fulfill our goal of serving you.

Jumapili na Radio Huruma.

Join us every Sunday from 8:30 - 10:00 AM, for the live Mass from Cathedral (St. Anthony of Padua) Chumbageni Tanga Tanzania.

Huruma Online TV.

Join us live in Youtube in every special invent in the Diocese. Also we are live on Youtube in every Saturday from 21:00 - 22:30 on radio Program "Saa ya Faraja". 

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Changia kwa simu: 200100 TANGA DIOCESE MULTIMEDIA CO.LTD
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Tigo:*150*01# /Chagua no. 4/Chagua no. 3/no. kampuni 200100/no. Kumbukumbu 1, kisha fuata maelezo ...